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How to replace a Leafield Marine A4 inflation/deflation valve older inflatable boats, RIBs, RHIBs and dinghies

The A4 inflatable boat or life raft valve was manufactured by Leafield Marine and fitted as standard to early Avon inflatable boats and life rafts along with Humber and Dunlop boats. The A4 is a simple, yet robust, inflation valve that is bonded directly to the boat’s inflation tube or collar. The valve body and cap are made of moulded neoprene rubber so that they are flexible and can take the knocks from diving or fishing gear. The A4 valve cap includes a pin which is used to deflate the valve by inserting it into the valve to open the spring-loaded diaphragm.

 Leafield Marine A4 ValveLeafield Marine A4 Valve Cross-section

The A4 valve has been superseded by newer Leafield Marine models that are lower in profile and easier to maintain, e.g. easier access to the rear of the valve to replace the diaphragm. However, the A4 remains a high-quality inflatable boat inflate/deflate valve that has stood the test of time. supplies new replacement parts for the A4 valve (see the corresponding product reference numbers alongside the diagram above).

Need to replace your A4 inflation valve with a modern version?

It can be easier, and sometimes cheaper, to replace your existing A4 valve with a modern Leafield Marine C7 or D7 inflation valve combined with a fabric valve aperture reinforcing patch (a ‘valve doubler’) that is the same colour as your tube fabric. This is a fairly simple DIY job and a guide is available at


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