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FAQ Friday #34 - Are there any good weather and tide apps you would recommend?

FAQ Friday #34 - Are there any good weather and tide apps you would recommend?


And here’s a list of just some of them…

💨 is the go-to app and website to see a visual representation of the wind and weather, giving a 10 day view of what's to come according to several different weather models.

🌨XCweather has both an app and website giving observations and 6 day forecasts for UK and France showing the data from weather stations around the country.

🌤PassageWeather gives a more traditional view of the wind state around the world.

☀️UK Met Office is, of course, the definitive source for weather information including coastal, inshore and offshore forecasts.

🌊EasyTide gives the Admiralty tidal data for many ports around the UK (including 6 day predictions).

⚓️Imray Tide Planner is a handy tool to download to help you work out when you can enter a drying harbour and how long you can stay.

The most used app in this office has to be Surfline though. Martin is always on the look out for waves and surf.🏄‍♂️ He was an avid fan of MagicSeaweed (a website rather than an app, really) which has recently been merged into Surfline. It provides some great reports, forecasts and webcams for surfers although there is now a subscription to use the full service.

I hope these sites and apps continue to be useful for you and you’re able to make the most of the continuing fine weather - it looks like continuing for a few more days...
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