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FAQ Friday #33 - What is the best way to cut PVC and hypalon?

FAQ Friday #33 - What is the best way to cut PVC and hypalon?

Hypalon and PVC can be cut using scissors or a utility knife (what we typically refer to as a Stanley Knife). Scissors can cause an angled cut rather than a nice straight vertical cut so my go to is always a utility knife. A nice sharp blade will help ensure a clean cut too.

Depending on the shape I'm cutting will depend on what other tools and implements I might use:

  • a ruler or straight metal edge - ideal for crisp clean straight lines. Using a straight edge longer than the cut you're making helps too!
  • rounded items such as a roller head or C7 valve washer - ideal for smaller rounded corners on patches 
  • free hand - ideal for large curves and bespoke shapes. This does take some practice!

Whether it's a small patch for a repair or large wear patches, I hope these tips and tricks help you cut you next patch!

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