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  1. Moulded Rubber 'D' Handle
    SKU: 1191V
    300mm x 120mm moulded rubber 'D' handle Learn More
  2. Glue Removal Rotary Brush
    SKU: 1754

    Soft nylon rotary brush to remove excess glue. Fits into standard drill chuck

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  3. Bravo Foot Bellows Inflators Replacement Hose Kit
    SKU: 1759

    Replacement Hose, end-fittings and adaptor kit for Bravo Footbellows inflator pumps. Contains: Replacement hose for Bravo footbellows inflator pumps, with pump end connector, 3-way adaptor and universal adaptor

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  4. Rib dinghy Expanding Drain Plug - 35mm diameter
    SKU: 1746

    Expanding Drain Plug - 35mm diameter. As used on many RIBs and larger inflatables

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  5. Avon dinghy Rib Transom Drain Socket - for 22mm diameter expanding drain plug
    SKU: 1763

    Transom drain socket for fitting of expanding 22mm drain plug. As used on smaller Avon RIBs and many other RIB's and inflatables

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  6. Replacement Drain Bung Plug - 35mm diameter GREY or BLACK
    SKU: 1766V

    Rubber bung plug and lanyard for inflatable boat or dinghy transom drains - 35mm diameter and 17mm depth bung or plug.

    Replacement part for some models of Wetline, Lodestar, Quicksilver, Waveline and many more inflatables and dinghy's fitted with drains with a 35mm diameter opening.

    Available in GREY or BLACK Learn More
  7. Bravo 6 300 Litre Stirrup style Inflatable Dinghy Inflator Pump
    SKU: 1764

    Bravo 6 stirrup style, double action high pressure pump inflator for dinghies and smaller RIB's.

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  8. Waveline XS Dinghy Valve 2009 models (6 section push button lock/3 section cap)
    SKU: 1730

    Replacement valve for Waveline XS Dinghy's (2009 models) and other makes of dinghy and inflatable boats

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  9. Bravo 2005 Valve (6 section push button lock/3 section cap) - as fitted to some Waveline and Seago models
    SKU: 1731

    Bravo 2005 style valve - Replacement valve for Waveline XS and Eco Dinghy's (2010 model), some Seago dinghy's and many other makes of inflatable boats and dinghies

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  10. 8 Section Valve Key for Halkey Roberts and some Seago & Waveline Inflation Valves
    SKU: 1732

    Tough valve key - fits Halkey Roberts inflate/deflate valve, some Seago dinghy's, Waveline 8 section 2009 model valves, and other 8 section screw-in type valves Learn More

  11. Valve Key Wrench for Bravo 2001 & 2005 Type Valves and Valiant semi-recessed Valves (and other 6 section valves)
    SKU: 1734
    Heavy duty valve key for removing and installing the screw-in male section of the Bravo 2201 & 2005 type (6 section) valve (for valve see links below), as fitted to Waveline 2009 and 2010+ models and many other dinghy's, also fits the Valiant semi-recessed valve Learn More
  12. Military type Inflation Valve - White Nylon
    SKU: 1772
    Simple and highly effective inflate deflate valve. Replacement for ageing (and no longer available) metal military valve as fitted to Achilles, Riken and older US sourced Avon RIB's and inflatable boats. Learn More
  13. Rubber Boot for Military type Inflation Valve
    SKU: 1773
    Rubber boot for original metal and nylon military valves as fitted to Achilles, Riken and older US sourced Avon RIB's and inflatable boats (n.b. excludes valve - rubber boot only) Learn More
  14. Replacement Fixing Screw for Military Valve into Rubber Boot
    SKU: 1774
    Specially machined marine grade stainless steel screw to fit Military type valve into rubber boot - as fitted to Achilles, Riken and older US sourced Avon RIB's and inflatable boats (n.b. excludes valve and rubber boot - fixing screw only) Learn More
  15. Large Hypalon Wear Patch or Repair Patch 30cm x 30cm
    SKU: 1778V
    Oversized Hypalon fabric patch for professional quality repairs or as wear patches for RIB collars and inflatable boat or dinghy's made from Hypalon fabric. Learn More

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